Elon Musk Launching His Personal Tesla Roadster Into Space Is Pure Marketing Genius. Here’s Why

The Space X Heavy Falcon launch was a smashing success in many ways. But to me, it was the cargo that Elon Musk sent aboard the rocket that made the biggest impact. It was Marketing genius. Right now Elon Musk’s own personal Tesla Roadster is cruising around outer space, complete with a dummy driver dressed in a space suit who is aptly named Starman. Also affixed to […]

Why Many E-Commerce Sites Are Remaking Themselves as Mobile First

Why are online shopping sites becoming mobile shopping apps? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. Answer by Julia Tokareva, Software Development Consultant at RubyGarage, on Quora: The general uptrend in smartphone users lately is pushing online retailers to rethink their strategy and take a closer […]

The End of an Era: How Marketers Must Respond to Google Chrome’s Update

I love online ads. Whenever I’m reading an article, nothing makes me happier than chasing a pop-up around the screen. That’s definitely not the most annoying way for marketers to gain customer attention. Despite their obvious drawbacks and limited effectiveness, ads that try to trick people into clicking still exist. It’s 2018 — we have chatbots […]

Will Virtual Reality Help Create an Even More Polarized, Isolated Society?

The existence of the bubble seems to be the only thing we agree on anymore. You know the bubble, the thing that the person who disagrees with you must live in? That bubble. The bubble where everything you see and interact with fits your predetermined vision of the world. The bubble where anything that doesn’t fit with your reality is […]

26 Apps to Make Your Phone the Best Personal Assistant Ever

A mobile device loaded with the right apps can help a person get more done, stay informed, relax and save money. Here’s a fresh list of apps more than two dozen high achievers are using every day. Mosaic (Free for iOS and Android) “Steven Sodebergh’s new app is the best entertainment experience I’ve had in a while. You have the opportunity […]

A Smartwatch With a 30-Day Battery Life? Why Apple Will Have to Up Its Game

Although adoption levels in the smartwatch market are not as widespread among the target audience as some people had hoped, Apple is undeniably one of the most prominent players. Analysts often point to the brand’s marketplace dominance as one of the critical factors that put the once wildly successful Pebble smartwatch brand out of business after a Fitbit buyout. However, a […]

Cryptocurrency Scams Are Getting Harder to Spot. Here’s What to Look For

As cryptocurrencies like bitcoin  surge in popularity, so do scams.As seen in the cryptocurrency subreddit, scammers have found a way to make their website addresses (URLs) look just like the authentic URLs of some popular cryptocurrency exchange sites, like Binance and Bittrex.Unfortunately for the unsuspecting crypto trader, using your login credentials on a scam site can lead to theft of your cryptocurrency […]

Amazon Patents a Way to Track Warehouse Workers’ Every Step

As Amazon scouts for its second headquarters and continues to expand its workforce beyond a half a million people, the country’s second-largest employer must continue to find ways to become more efficient. And it may have a new high-tech way to do so: bracelets that track every move its warehouse workers make. The tech giant was awarded two […]